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THE CENTER for revival and healing in Orlando is a church with an international impact where believers come together weekly to experience the manifest presence, power and move of the Holy Spirit. In every service the Glory of God has descended over our congregation and lives are being changed, healed, discipled and empowered. The power of God is tangible in the atmosphere of our services. People attend from all around the world to hear the word that changes lives. THE CENTER’s vision is to be an Apostolic Governing Center in Central Florida reaching every nation with a Revival Prophetic Miracle anointing that impacts our generation.

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The Center Arena, a Church located in the City of Orlando, is a place for the miraculous. Our mission is to be the epicenter for the Glory of God. 


To be an Apostolic Governing Center that reaches everyone around the world with a Revival Prophetic Miracle anointing that will impact our generation. 


Our aim is to bring healing and to empower you through prophetic teaching and preaching.

We aspire to offer healing and hope in people through God’s word who are afflicted and broken. 


We commit ourselves to Christian principles that enables us to carry out the work of God with passion and integrity. 


We recognized as a House of Healing across the world.

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Our Team


Senior Pastor Rich Vera &

First Lady Leslie Vera


Associate Pastors 
Mark & Kristen D


Pastor Gloria Dees

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